Room Meant for Music

Room Meant for Music
by Doris Schneider

I was assisting my daughter Jessica as she hosted the jurors for an annual band competition at my grandson Joey’s high school when the inspiration for a new book all but slapped me in the face.

While his band was marching and playing, the drumline had their spot. Tall slender Joey was playing a bass drum, and in front of him marched a diminutive girl, also playing the bass drum. I suddenly imagined her marching in place until she turns to face the stadium fans, and freezes. I pictured her confusion as she tries to remember the steps and instead, she improvises, spinning–the lights of the stadium flashing on the metal of her drum. From that imagined moment, the characters of Bernie and Allie emerged. I had no idea how they would get to that scene or what might happen after. They had to lead me, to give life to an unmapped and unexpected story.

That was five years ago. Joey has now graduated from college, and we are in the middle of a pandemic. The world as we knew it has changed, and the now completed book may for now be a nostalgic reminder of how we once lived.

Room Meant for Music is about co-dependent cousins who grow up with their own rhythm and beat. Allie becomes a high school band director while Raynelle floats on the fringe of their Southern society without focus or goals, each struggling with the reality of lost love. Efforts to protect student misfits and reform bullying ultimately lead them to a life-changing moment of violence and self-discovery–in a room meant for music.

The e-book and print book are available on Amazon.

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