Happy News!

Nana and the “c” is being considered for publication in Chinese.



Above is the title and the opening line of Nana and the “c”, translated by Wenhai Ma, the book’s illustrator. He also translates weak photographs into bold pictures.

threesome    became  Dwith2Girls b

And all of his time was donated.
Wenhai, is also a novelist. His second novel is contracted to Showwe Publishing Company in Taiwan. He contacted them about publishing Nana and the “c”, and they have sent it out to readers. They will make their decision in a few weeks.
Wenhai will translate the text and because of all his unpaid efforts, I offered him the profits from any sales. But he said that, like we are doing here, he wants all profits to go to donations of the book to cancer centers in Taiwan.
If you haven’t read it yet, Nana and the “c” is not sad. It is full of humor and hope. It is about conquering fear and replacing it with wonder.

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