Written Words Done; Spoken Words to Come


Borrowed Things, not for women only

The most fun I’ve had as an author was speaking to book clubs after my first book Borrowed Things was published. Part of why it was fun is I got to know the women who read my book and what touched, amused, or shocked them. In the process of hearing other people’s reactions to the story, I learned things about my characters (and ultimately myself) that I had never dreamed. I also learned that some husbands read the book and also liked it.

One woman said, “I really like Anne (a character). She seemed like such a good person.”

Another woman added, “I wanted to be Anne.” And several agreed.

Yet another said, “But why did you have her divorced so many times?”

I answered, “Well, some of this book is autobiographical, and I’m married for the third time. It happens. Women sometimes make crazy choices for foolish reasons. Luckily we learn from each one. Or maybe I should say, if we’re lucky.”

Several men asked for a sequel. Now I call that success.

By Way of Water has two of the same characters, but it is a step back in time and very different fro m the first book. I can’t wait to hear reactions and have no idea what they might be.


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